Consider Us an Antidote to the Ways of Wall Street.

In 2006, legendary financial columnist, Scott Burns, and Microsoft alumni, Kennon Grose combined their expertise and knowledge to create an idea. They said, let’s be an investor advocate, and give investors a more disciplined, lower cost, reality-tested approach. It’s an approach rooted in reality, and a philosophy centered on growing wealth.

Today, AssetBuilder looks to continue that idea. Our team wholly dedicates to defining an investment strategy that works for your life. An investment that not only captures the gains in the market but also leverages against risk. Because we believe in growing your money, not gambling it. It’s a philosophy backed by science. It’s a methodology that garnered a Nobel prize. And it’s a time-tested methodology that our clients have trusted for more than a decade.

What We Do

As DFA Fund Advisors, we build strong, low-cost portfolios based on disciplined, reality-tested principles, not Wall Street gimmicks.

How We Do It

After getting to know your goals, we combine low-cost index fund investing with meticulous diversification and allocation for maximum returns.

Why We Do It

“Beating the market” is a proven myth, often squandering earnings with high fees and commissions. We believe you deserve a wiser approach.

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Our advisors are on standby to answer any and all of your questions about the AssetBuilder philosophy and how we can invest for your future. Start your investment journey today.

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