Low Fees Matter

AssetBuilder is a fee-based advisor that keeps fees ultra-low while providing the vital services to meet your financial destination.

Lower your fees and increase your returns

Many studies show that while some active managers could outperform a passive investment fund, the fees that they charged lowered overall returns. This is why we keep our fees among the lowest in the industry. Because a lower fee gives you a higher return. And a higher return compounds to keep your money working even harder for you.

In short, our fees are based on assets under management and range from a maximum 45 basis points (0.45%) annually, down to 20 basis points (0.20%), depending on the size of the account.

Our average fee is 0.35 percent.

Why do fees matter? Because your returns matter.

There are Three Costs Associated with Doing Business with Us:

Expense Ratio

The gross expense ratio is the compilation of expense ratios of the 9-15 funds we use in the construction of our portfolios and ranges from 0.20% to 0.29%. The lower gross expense ratio denotes more fixed income and the higher gross expense ratio denotes more equity. There are no loads (commissions) or 12b-1 fees associated with DFA.

Management Fee

Our business model is fee-only. This allows us to be free from the conflicts associated with fee-based or commission-based transactions inherent in the industry.

Transactions Fee

There are no set-up fees. To make the mutual fund trades to create the portfolio is based on a per trade cost of $11.95 per trade

How Much Can Our Fees Save You Over Time? Find Out with Our Returns Savings Calculator


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    Fees Lower Returns. Period.

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    Never Pay High Fees Again

    Our advisors know that lowering your fees would be a welcome change. Because as your fiduciary, we think you should only be charged for services that matter—and it all starts with a conversation. Fill out the contact form below and start lowering your fees today. You can also give us a call if you prefer at 972-535-4040.

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